She met him at the bus stop


She met him at the bus stop
on a wet day in July.
He smiled a smile that stopped her breath
and made her insides sigh.
She stood and stared and still he smiled,
oblivious to his power.
She could have stood and stared all day
hour after hour.

Lost inside his paperback
he did not feel her gaze.
Did not know she watched him smile
at each witty turn of phrase.
They stayed like that and waited,
two people on their own.
Queuing for the number nine,
together, but alone.

The bus came round the corner
at a mediocre crawl.
They only chanced to see it
when the rain began to fall.
Both looked at the summer sky
to check that it was true.
Surely rain drops didn’t happen,
when the sky was blue.

She fumbled for her bus fare
and it rolled across the floor.
She stepped on coins with sandalled foot
whilst looking round for more.
He scooped an errant fifty pence,
then she caught his eye.
She smiled a smile that stopped his breath
and made his insides sigh.

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