Front Row

I wouldn’t choose to sit on the front row, in an audience situation, and would definitely refuse to do so if the entertainment was a pantomime! The very thought of the possibility of being picked to participate in some way fills me with terror. I’m perfectly capable of embarrassing myself without help from a professional! … Continue reading Front Row

Shut up legs

On BBC Breakfast Carol predicts a weekend of sunshine. Before she has finished handing back to Dan and Sally in the studio my chap has flipped open his laptop. “Fancy a bike ride?” he says, already tapping keys to bring up his route planner of choice.  When I was a child I went on bike … Continue reading Shut up legs


Everyone knows that chemotherapy makes your hair fall out. It’s one of those horrid facts that you just know without thinking. In the haematology block at Nottingham’s City Hospital this dark fact is in evidence everywhere - varying degrees of hairy and hairless heads, some swaddled in scarves or hats in an attempt to retain body heat.  My dad was diagnosed … Continue reading jAfro

Does my bum look big in this?

It is one of those cold, wet winter days consumed by grey. Where the sky seems to reach right down to the pavements and gardens in one vast wash of greyness. If I had a view of the sea at this moment the sea and sky would be indistinguishable from one another, just all grey, the kind of picture perfect for making a really tricky jigsaw puzzle from. I am in a loft room in the east midlands at present – a sea view a geographical impossibility. There are three roof windows cut out of the sloping ceilings, two on one side of the apex, one on the other, and the colour of sky is exactly the same shade in each. Farrow and Ball would list it on their paint chart as ‘nondescript grey’. Or perhaps just, ‘nondescript’.