Upon pressing ‘send’ with quivering finger and
re-writing one’s future with an
email of resignation,
a thorough hoovering of the stairs and landing
on hands and knees,
with special cordless attachment,
was required.
The dirt had been visible for some time,
but the domestic goddess,
with other fish to fry,
had let the dust bunnies roam free.
This day,
post terrifying email sending,
their resistance was futile.

Google had offered up numerous examples of how best to resign
with the written word.
Its plethora of platitudes,
duly noted,
had been passed over in favour of more
hard core
word combinations –
more in keeping with the underhand skullduggery
that had prompted its composition.

Resigned to a future of even more penny counting,
but tentatively anticipating a
‘freedom Thursday’,
the domestic goddess tidied away the cordless wonder,
made a large pot of tea
and opened the emergency chocolate hobnobs.

Tempting though it was,
9 am really is
too early for vodka.



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